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  1. Disappointment that my save on foods in Edmonton isn’t carrying this deodorant anymore. We’ll be ordering online.

  2. Hi, your deodorant is amazing. I discovered it at Save On Foods West Kelowna. Coconut Krush scent is amazing only problem is they have not restocked that scent in a couple months? I tried the sweat pea scent love it too but the coconut is the winner, creamy moisturizing and it works. I’ve tried many other natural deodorants but I always react- Sugar & Spice I hope you never stop making this product!!

  3. really sad Save on out in South Surrey and White Rock not stocking up on your deodorant 🙁 only one that works for me…will order on line again for sure

  4. Im going to be ordering online as Save On Foods at Park and Tilford currently is not carrying your brand. Thats too bad for them as Sugar and Spice is the best deodorant I have ever used. I can wear it through a day at work, followed by a run…in the Summer!…and still smell great!

  5. I live in the USA, but recently visited Canada. I went into the Pharmsave near my hotel and purchase deodorant. I have tried several natural deodorants but fo not work. Yours is GREAT!!! It smells good, keeps me smelling good and dry. I highly recomend.

  6. A friend recommended your deodorant and it is the best deodorant I have ever used! I recently went to purchase more from Save-On Foods In Cloverdale and they did not have any. Are you aware if they will be carrying this product again in the near future?
    Also, I frequently shop at the Cloverdale Pharmasave and this seems like a product they would support carrying. Have you approached them?
    Thank you,

    1. I live in the USA, but recently visited Canada. I went in a Pharmsafe close to my hotel and purchased the deodorant. I have tried several “natural” deodorants but seem to last only an hour or two. This deodorant is GREAT!!!! It smells good, keeps me smelling good and dry. Last all day.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you for making a natural deodorant that actually works! I get compliments on the scent all day long, it doesn’t ruin my clothes and has a soft velvety texture. I have never been able to use a natural deodorant because they either don’t work or they smell awful. It lasts all day without having to reapply. I can’t wait to try out the rest of your products. Thank you for doing what you do. Keep up the amazing work!

  8. This is by FAR the. Eat natural deodorant I have ever used! Honestly, I love this product and the fact that it’s BC made!!!! I tell all of my friends about it
    Great work Sugar and Spice

  9. To say I love these products is an understatement!! I tell everyone how amazing it is. I encourage everyone to try and give them as gifts! Thank you for making such ana amazing product! People always say ‘you smell so giid’ And I say ‘It’s my sugar and spice!’ Thank you!

  10. I love your deoderants, great job! Yours is the first deoderant that has worked for me (I’ve tried over half a dozen). I just have one request/suggestion. Could you please add the ingredients to the products on this website?

  11. I have been using natural deoderants for 12+ years. Yours are THE BEST I have ever used. No rash from the baking soda, great smell, and natural ingredients! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I currently live in the USA and am spreading the word and bring back some for others to try. Do you have small samples? The product is worth the price but not when you have a ton of people that want to try!

  12. After I stopped taking the pill my hormone levels went all over the place and I noticed my deodorants were not even lasting my whole work shift. I literally tried so many different kinds of deodorants including clinical strength kinds and nothing worked. I was told about this product from a friend and decided to give it a try and it certainly did not disappoint. It has been so amazing to find something that is long lasting and actually works. I have even recommended it to other women in my life and we all swear by it. I have tried vanilla and pink sugar they smell so good, looking forward to trying the other smells plus other body products, I do think your company should expand to other locations in Calgary as it looks like its only at two save on foods. Luckily for me I live by one. Koodos to an amazing product!

  13. I absolutely LOVE this deodorant! Works better then any other natural product I ever tried, actually better then conventional deodorant too. I will be a life long customer and I’m happy to spread the word, keep up the great work! But please don’t ever sell your business to some big company, most likely they will ruin it for the sake of profit and what you have created is something very, very exceptional…

  14. I’m so, SO happy to finally find a natural deodorant that works…even better than the scary aluminum containing mainstream products! I have two children under two years old and if I don’t get a daily shower I absolutely do not need to worry about my deodorant keeping up! And I also felt good about wearing it while pregnant and breastfeeding, no worries about what my babies would be absorbing through my body.
    Congratulations on making a superb product!!!

  15. Thank you so much for making the BEST product ever! I purchased your deodorant a few months ago and when I discovered how well it actually works, I went back to get some for everyone in my family for their Christmas stockings. They are so thrilled with it because IT WORKS!! How wonderful to see that you are from Maple Ridge! You now have a customer for life and I am telling everyone about your amazing product.

  16. I kept passing by the display of these products at Save-On-Foods and finally picked up a deodorant. So glad I did! LOVE your product, truly impressed! It was effective for the entire day, and love the scent (Vanilla mint)! I definitely plan on trying some of your other products and letting others know about this brand. Keep up the great work with your quality products/ingredients! Thanks!

  17. I never realized how bad my regular deodorant was until I switched to your product. With your deodorant I only need to apply once a day, and when it wears/ washes off I find I don’t smell as bad vs. when I used Degree/Dove etc.. Thanks to your product, I never ever have to worry about smelling bad, even on days I forget to apply! I feel so silly having used big brand deodorants my whole life, when their products only perpetuated the problem. I don’t know how you do it, but keep on doing it!

    -Your Customer for LIFE

  18. Just want to say how thrilled and impressed I am, that I have finally found a natural deodorant that actually works!!!! I came across your products in Save-on-Foods a few days ago and thought I would give natural deodorant one last try. I am SO HAPPY i did!! It’s amazing! Smells so delicious, isn’t irritating to my skin and actually WORKS! I will forever buy your deodorant and can’t wait to try your other products, too! I will definitely be spreading the word on your wonderful company! Thank you!

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Natural deodorant Vanilla scent. I’m glad I was there on your first day selling at Shopper’s on Dewdney Trunk Road. I might never have tried a natural product. So happy that I did. I’m very excited to promote a great product that’s made locally. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to trying some of your other products.

  20. I thought i was your Number 1 fan, but I see I have competition!

    I’ve tried many natural deodorant options, none worked for me. Your product works, smells great and is natural, I am just in love with it. I love the Plumeria and I buy Black Tie for my boyfriend. I have had my parents, brother and sister in law in Mexico tried the deodorants when they came to visit me, and now they have me bring them a bunch every time I go back home. They just love them too.

    Thank you!!!

  21. Huge fan of your products.
    My 3 sisters and mother won’t use anything but your deodorant. I love them so much I often tell many other people about them.
    My boyfriend and I went away for a long weekend and he forgot to pack his deodorant, so he tried my Pink Sugar, he was a little embarrassed to tell me, but he was so impressed he had to ask me about it. And wondered if you make manly scents as well. And I was happy to tell him that you do.
    We live in Vancouver, and I know there are a few retailers that sell your products, the challenge is finding enough on the shelves. So often I have to order online. We need more retailers. I’ve taken my deodorant into a few stores and have asked them to offer your products. Hope they start soon. Keep up the good work.

  22. MARKET CROSSING 7501 Market Crossing Burnaby location in BC is no longer carrying your products?! I was so disappointed to discover this!

  23. I found your display here in edmonton at a save on foods that I never shop at. Sooooo glad I did and Sooooo glad I found your products. The deodorant is fantastic. Used it on a camping trip in temperatures in the high 20’s and was very impressed. I was talking about it at work and people were intrigued and interested. I’m spreading the word!😀

  24. Your deoderants literally changed my life. My boyfriend and I exclusively use your deoderants now. His favourite is the irish green tweed and I adore the Pink Sugar one. Thank you for making such a wonderful product available!

    -a highly appreciative customer! 😊

  25. Your deodorants are absolutely amazing! I’ve been buying natural deodorants for almost 20 years and had yet to find one that didn’t make my skin itch after long periods of use, until I bought the Sugar & Spice Pink Sugar deodorant last weekend. I am loving it!! It feels great to have it on and the smell is wonderful. I wanted to say thanks for making a natural deodorant that finally feels good to put on. Thank you!!

  26. As I was about to purchase another natural deoderant from Save on Foods I noticed your natural deoderant, which of course has a way better smell and natural ingredients I can say. The fact that you are local in BC was compelling enough for me to support you.
    My comment may be worth nothing but I would like to say congratulations to you. My daughters and I are pleased to use your product and we are enjoying it.
    Thank you.

  27. I have been in love with your deodorants ever since I bought my first pink sugar one. My 14 yr old has the Japanese cherry blossom and it works better than commercial ones. Wtg! I can’t wait to buy it for my 11 yr old when she’s done what she has (just came back home after being with her dad for 2 yrs).

    I am wondering if you will consider making a couple more “masculine” scents! Hopefully nothing too powerful but I don’t want my son to balk at the scent selection in a few years (I’m guessing only 2-4!) when he needs some. 😉

    1. Hi Fiona. Thanks so much for your feedback. I do indeed make products for men. They’ll be featured on the web site very soon. They will also be available for sniff tests at our kiosk at Haney Place Mall in December.

      Crystal Winterton
      Owner – Sugar & Spice

  28. i just happened onto your products while walking through 207th SaveOnFoods. I’m always looking for natural alternatives and have yet to find a decent and not sticky deodorant sans aluminum. I have severely sensitive skin and break out in a rash from most deodorants. I saw an end stocked with your products and hummed and hawed because I thought gee $10 is a little high for a deodorant and what if it’s like the other “natural” no aluminum deodorants I’ve tried that all ended up in the cupboard until I get rid of them.

    I thought about it and smelled them all, which by the way couldn’t find one I didn’t like. I decided to splurge and try it because I noticed it was a local Maple Ridge company and I really like to support local business. I chose the Vanilla Mint (Coconut Krush and Orange Creamsicle almost won though) and took a chance. It must have been a funny sight seeing a woman smelling all these deodorants and smiling because I wanted to eat them all…it felt like a tropical vacation!!

    I have to tell you and anyone reading this WELL WORTH THE PRICE! I think $10 would be expensive for a “natural” deodorant that sits on the shelf, but for this one that smells great and lasts all day and isn’t sticky?? It’s a fantastic price and well worth my money! I would love it if you did home parties because that would be an amazing ladies night!! I’m so looking forward to trying your other goodies and happy to have found a local business I can depend on for ethical and natural products.

    Many sincere thanks!!

  29. I met you in the SaveOnFoods over the August long weekend and was just going to grab some stuff for the lake…I stopped at your display and mentioned how I have never found an all natural deodorant that actually works. You handed me a brochure and said to check out your site and the testimonials…however there was a ‘Coconut Krush’ scent so I went for it. I am absolutely floored by how great this product is. It is a hot summer and even after workouts this product has not failed me. Thank you. I am a lifelong customer now.

    1. I second that most natural deodorant stinks and doesn’t work in 7 years of trying to find one that works this is the second one I have found and the only natural guys deodorant I’ve found that has worked (for my hubby) and I have tried almost everything!

  30. I just started using your Fragrance Free Body Wash for the last four days…and I feel compelled to let you know how happy I am with the product! I can’t say for sure that I was expecting the amount of lather and the beautiful creamy texture that it offers with so few ingredients! With skin and certain fragrance sensitivities its difficult to find something I trust to use all over! I think I found it. Thank you Crystal! Ill be expanding to try the Lavender one next…

  31. I just got your Coconut Krush body lotion from the Chilliwack Women’s Expo this weekend, and I literally can’t stop applying it! I am in love wit the scent! Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much for your feed back. I work hard to deliver a quality product and it is so nice to know that it has found a good home.

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