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  1. Hello from Kamloops! Just discovered your products. Am loving the watermelon deodorant – I was so amazed by how well it works and how delicious is smells! I am always a bit skeptical to try new things – especially with the higher price – so this was a risk for me that totally worked out! My husband and I are firm believers in supporting small Canadian businesses. I just bought two more deodorants and two bars of your soap today from Save On. I plan to order more products from your site as soon as I can to share your excellent products with friends and family. Excellent quality, not over-powering scents. I’m impressed.

  2. Crystal, it was lovely to finally meet you yesterday. All 3 deodorant sticks were a big hit. Zach loved Fierce, Peter grabbed Black Tie and I’m loving Cool Water! We’ll all be making good use of the Epsom Salts and Zach threw the muscle rub in his bag. Bam!

    Looking forward to connecting live when you can and thank you again for taking time out of your busy day to chat.

  3. The best deodorant my son and I have ever used. We have tried other natural deodorants but keep coming back to yours. Lasts for a long time with a wide variety of scents

  4. I was gifted the Coconut Krush Lotion and recently started using it, along with my teenage son. We both love it!! SaveOn close to us does not have the Coconut Krush so I have tried the Creamsicle one, but my son prefers the Coconut. Therefore, I thought perhaps I can order it online… Thank you for this amazing product, I have just ordered two and love supporting a local business from across the river!!

  5. Shout out from the Yukon! I have been in love with your product for about 5 years now! I tried so many natural deodorants that didn’t work or burnt my skin. I was so relieved to find sugar and spice especially since I have been pregnant and breastfed three babies and worry about the transmission of unhealthy products. thanks for the peace of mind and aiding in providing what’s best for my body and my baby’s. I have my sisters, mom and husband all using your deodorant! I first found your product in Hope BC. When I would go to BC to visit family I would stock up! I was soooo excited to see your deodorant here at Save On Foods in Whitehorse YT!!! Yes! Keep up the good work!!

  6. Our whole family has been using Sugar and Spice deodorant since you started selling it in Save-on-Foods. Today I saw that the Southpoint Save-on-Foods says they’re not carrying it any more. Why is this? And where can I still buy your excellent product?

  7. Hello, we love our order!! thanks you again. Thought we also talked about getting the sample size bottles ?
    Let me know if they are still coming.

  8. about a ago, I was in Save on Foods in Campbell River BC with my pop. I saw this non-gmo coconut oil Vanilla Spice deodorant. I dont wear a lot of deodorant, mostly because I am allergic to the commercial stuff, and but I bought 4 of these, cause I’ve bought stuff I liked in the past, all to have it disappear from the shelves, and not able to buy more.

    I work in West Van, and looking at your webpage, I am going to be buying a lot of your products.. I love the deodorant..

    Thanks Mitch Smythe

  9. I write to thank Sugar and Spice for your natural deodorant and the Vanilla Mint scent.
    I found it to work better than other deodorants, available, for a stronger under arm smell.
    A suggestion though is the storage. I find at room temperature, it is too soft and pasty, using to much at once and wasting.
    To avoid this, I keep it in the fridge, in the separate compartment, and colder, it does not smear as much.
    Unknown if more bees wax or another ingredient would make more sold; yet then more product into the body; perhaps less bees wax, etc. is possible. You found a good mixture, thank you.
    I encourage your product and the ingredients over other chemical deodorants and compliment the success of effect compared to other natural deodorants.
    Some people may be turned off from the room temperature application, as I was, so I wrote, because instead of throwing it out and buying a new brand, I have continued purchasing.
    Thank you for the BC, local effort, Canadian made, helping the Canadian economy and workers with quality ingredients, less harmful than other brands and products.
    Great work, Sugar and Spice, Vanilla Mint

  10. I really love your vanilla deodorant and want to reorder. I do not see it listed on the website. is it still available?

  11. I was just in today and am hooked on you bubblegum lotion. Can I order a bunch of it from you? It’s so fun! I’m hooked on your products!
    The skin care line is fabulous too …. I live in Maple Ridge so am in the store lots! Ladies try the soaps and skin care….

  12. hello,

    I don’t see any retailers in Saskatoon, SK, I moved here recently from BC and loved your deodorants! There are Save on Foods here, will you be available there soon?


  13. My friend recommended that we try your deodorant for my son and we am very interested. However, I see on the ingredients that fragrance/parfum is listed. I am always concerned when I see that and am wondering what exactly it is that you use? We like the Irish Green Tweed scent and the Vanilla Mint.
    Thank you!

  14. I live in Toronto and I am wondering if there are any retailers and/or shows where your products will be available in the next while? I received a sample of your deodorant a few months ago and am hooked! Thank you.

  15. Hi there. I would love to buy your product but I’m in New Zealand! Is there a way to make this happen? Please! Thanks

  16. Im looking for Rose Petal Deodorant and Body Mist . Do you know if any of the stores on Vancouver Island carry it.
    The local Pharmasave in Mill Bay does not have this scent

    1. We have a variety of cold process soap making supplies in our store front. Our address is 22360 Dewdney Trunk Road Maple Ridge, BC

  17. Ever noticed that there are deodorants on the market for every kind of sweat except menopause? I recently picked up one of your deodorants (Coconut Krush) from my local Save On Foods in Prince George. The true test was during one of those heat wave menopause episodes. I must say that out of all the natural deodorants I’ve tried, yours actually performed the best. Kudos!

  18. Do you sell sample packs of your deodorant?
    I don’t have a retailer near me. I did smell my daughters sweet & sassy but it is way to sweet smelling for me.

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