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The Sweet Smells of Christmas: Gingerbread, Candy Cane, and the Enchanting Sugar Plum Fairy

Smells of Christmas: Gingerbread, Candy Cane, and the Enchanting Sugar Plum Fairy

It’s that time of the year when festivities begin, and the air is infused with the enchanting symphony of Christmas fragrances. 

Some smells are distinctively associated with the holiday, be it the woody smell of a pine tree or the sweetness of seasonal clementines. 

From skincare to home, you can find products with beautiful fragrances to recharge the Christmas spirit. 


What Are the Fragrances of Christmas?

Christmas fragrances are smells associated with the holiday that kindle joy, warmth, and nostalgia. 

Smells can trigger memory and associations for us–it’s just how our brains function. Our olfactory bulb or smell center is next to the parts that process memory and information. 

Christmas fragrances typically include the smells of foods traditionally consumed during the holiday. 

For example, the smell of roasted chestnuts, gingerbread, and hot cocoa can be considered Christmas-related fragrances. 


The Most Popular Christmas Fragrances

While many scents may evoke the feeling of holidays, the following fragrances are the most beloved. 


The gingerbread man can be considered the mascot of Christmas. The gingerbread delicacies are a Christmas staple, made with fragrant ingredients like ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. 

As soon as December hits, bakeries and coffee shops are full of gingerbread. At home, families bake gingerbread from scratch and decorate it. 

So, it’s quintessentially a Christmas food many love and associate with the holiday. 

The fragrance contains the warm notes of spices like cloves and cinnamon and sweet notes of sugar and molasses. 

Candy Cane

The iconic red and white candy cane is a traditional Christmas sweet loved by kids and adults alike. 

It combines the scent of peppermint and vanilla. Of course, the sweet, sugary notes are also quite potent. 

The fragrance can be energizing–like a sugar rush for your olfactory senses. 

Candy cane fragrance can be found in bath bombs, body mists, shower gels, candles, and diffusers. 

So, you and your home can smell like the red and white peppermint candy. 

Sugar Plum Fairy

The sugar plum fairy from The Nutcracker’s classical ballet has come to be associated with sugar plums, another favourite Christmas candy.

While today there are many renditions of the candy, traditionally, it features nuts or seeds with hard sugar coatings. Their round-like shape was similar to a plum’s, hence the name. 

The fragrance has fruity and sweet notes that evoke the memories of sharing candies with loved ones. 


How to Smell Like Christmas?

While you wear your Christmas sweater or pajamas to welcome the holiday, take it to the next level with some holiday-themed fragrances. 

Bath and body products like soap, deodorant, and lotions with fragrances like gingerbread, candy cane, sugar plum fairy, or winter wonderland can make you smell just like the holidays. 

At Sugar and Spice, you can find fun, holiday-themed fragrances in various bath and body care products. 


Photo by Sweta Meininger on Unsplash



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